Capacity Building and sensitization

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Mob lynching: let us act now

by Kumar

Mob lynching: let us act  now Irfan Engineer (Secular Perspective July 16-31, 2018) Mob lynching has drastically increased in recent years, particularly since the election of the BJP government. There has been fourfold increase in cow related violent incidents from less than 5% of incidents communal violence in 2010 to 20% in 2017 (Subramanya, 2017). India […]

Sensitization of Religious Leaders

by csssadmin

Sensitization of Religious Leaders Interfaith Dialogue   The CSSS believes that a number of issues affecting peace and communal harmony could be solved through discussions among religious heads of the major religions in the country. With this belief in mind, the CSSS has been organising interfaith dialogue by choosing a contemporary subject over which each […]

Training camps for capacity building and empowerment of Women belonging to minority communities

by csssadmin

Women in India, in general, continue to suffer discrimination, harassment and violence, women belonging to minority communities suffer additional disadvantage owing to their minority status and lack of proper representation. This is more so with Muslim women, who are besieged with poverty, patriarchy and religious restrictions, affecting their socio-economic status. Muslim women are discouraged from […]