1. Welcome to the New Comers/Students & Introduce them about the Peace Campaign


After summer vacation the schools and colleges was opened. With an objective to welcome and share the vision and mission of Peace Activities among the new comers (students) for the academic session (2016- 17) we displayed welcome banners in front of education institutions as well as introduced ourselves where that possible. We displayed around 20 numbers banner in the front of different educational institution with attractive quotation dedicated towards peace and communal harmony as an strategic welcome to the students community.



2. Community Meeting on Peace and Harmony


We had organized community meetings in village level and discussed about the role of the community towards building of Peace and Harmony in Gumudumaha Village of Parampanka G.P and Salba of Katingia G.P.


3. Documentary Film Show (Community Level).

As an ongoing activities documentary films on peace and harmony was performed in different villages(Pangalpadar of Madaguda Gram Panchayat and Salba of Katingia Gram Panchayat with an objective to spread the message of unity and integration. The documentary film ‘SANDESH’ & ‘BAPU’ has been performed.




End of Month Analysis

                  Month: Category of Participants          
  Religion Gender     Age       Sections   Total  
  H M C Ot M F   O <18 18-35 35+ SC ST OBC Minorities Oth    
        her                       er    
Film 43   12   65 1     63 42 62 46 83 38     167  
Show(     4     0                        
2Nos)           2                        
Com 34   12   74 8     24 75 64 28 97 38     163  
munit     9     9                        

No. of new youth who joined the peace centre(Activities):21

No. of new community members who joined the peace centre(Activities):34

No. of new partnerships:xxx