With a view to sensitizing the police force in playing an effective and unbiased role during incidents of communal tensions and in bringing communal dis-harmony under control by observing the Code of Conduct and keeping in view the citizenship rights and make the force a dependable instrument of State power, the CSSS has been organising workshops for the law-enforcement agencies in collaboration with the Police Departments concerned.

Khandala-police-1 Such workshops are attended by not only the high-ranking officers of the Police but also those at the lowest rung of the ladder. The CSSS has brought out a booklet on the subject to serve as a reference guide. The workshops are addressed by the officers of the Department, besides retired Police Officers and CSSS. These workshops have helped in spreading a message to the Police force that while performing their duties they are also acting as ambassadors for promoting communal harmony.

List of Programme conducted by CSSS for police


Sr. No.
Name of the event & Subject
Number and Category of Participants
5th June 2013
Salar Jung Museum, 
Police workshop
Understanding and 
Dealing with Communalism
125, Police officers, constables 
and social activists
December 2013
Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh
Workshop on Role of Police in 
Peace and Communal Harmony
60 Senior Police officers and constables
11th July 2012
Vashi,New Mumbai
Police Workshop
Role of Police in Civil Society
35 Police Constables and officers
8 June 2012
Police Academy,
Police Workshop on communal harmony
30 Police Officers and constables
12 May 2012
Khandala, Maharashtra
Police Workshop on Role of Police in 
Civil Society
500 Women Police constables 
and Inspectors
9 May 2012
Thane, Maharashtra
Police workshop on Role of Police in 
Civil Society
60 Deputy Inspectors, Sub Inspectors, 
Constables etc.
17-18 January
Workshop‘Sensitisation of Police Force
for promoting Communal Harmony and 
National Integration”
189 IAS and IPS trainee-officers,
3 May 2011
Workshop for Police on
Perceptions of Minorities towards Policing
500 Sub-inspectors, inspector
 and constables.
27 July 2011
Hyderabad, A.P.
Police Workshop on Role of police in 
civil society
35 Senior level police officers,
 members of civil society
8- 9 August, 2011
Police Workshop on Policing: Reaching out
 to the minorities
250 Sub-Inspectors of Police