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Mob lynching: let us act now

by Kumar

Mob lynching: let us act  now Irfan Engineer (Secular Perspective July 16-31, 2018) Mob lynching has drastically increased in recent years, particularly since the election of the BJP government. There has been fourfold increase in cow related violent incidents from less than 5% of incidents communal violence in 2010 to 20% in 2017 (Subramanya, 2017). India […]


by Kumar

The CSSS has a research wing with few Research Fellows, who work on contemporary issues and come up with report. The reports of the Research wing are published in the form of books/booklets and used as source material in the Centre’s workshops and training programs.

Seminars and Consultations

by Kumar

Besides the routine activities undertaken each year, the CSSS also organised National Seminars/Consultations on important topics by inviting experts on each subject from different fields.   The following are the details of recent seminars/ consultation:   Sr. No. Date Venue Name of the event & Subject Number and Category of Participants 1 9th and 10th […]

Indian Journal of Secularism (IJS)

by csssadmin

Indian Journal of Secularism (IJS) (Reg. No.66034/97 with Registrar of News Papers) ISSN 2277 – 5501 journal devoted to addressing problems faced especially by Indian society in the context of growing communalism, ethnic conflicts, fundamentalism, regionalism and related issues. Indian Journal of Secularism (IJS) COMMUNALISM has emerged as a major threat to democracy in a […]

List of Publication

by kumar

No. Name of Books/booklets Year of publication 1   Surat Riots 1993 2   Bombay’s Shame 1993 3   The Impact of Fundamentalism onSociety 1994 4   Communalism & Industrial Workers 1994 5 A Report on the Experience of Children in the Riots affected areas of Bombay 1992 – 1993. 1994 6   Impact of […]